Wednesday, October 27, 2010

BioSET Founder: Dr. Ellen Cutler

Saturday, October 23, 2010

BioSET Portland!

I am a BioSET practitioner in the Portland Metro area. Office located at Rejuvenance Therapy: 300 East 24th St. Vancouver, WA 98663
For Appointments Call: (360) 601-7485

Babies and Colic Solutions

Some of the fastest results I've had with NAET has been in treating colic in infants. Usually it can be eliminated in just a few clearings or treatments including treating for breastmilk or formula and prolactin (a breastmilk hormone). If the infants gut is sensitive to elements of breastmilk or formula then they are very uncomfortable with digestion. If you have a colicky baby or know someone who does you may consider trying NAET a gentle non-invasive desensitization technique to help the child be more comfortable and alleviate the colic.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Is Vitamin C your Enemy or Friend?

One of my patients noted that whenever she ate fruit she would start feeling a cold coming on. She also noted that if she took any of the cold prevention remedies or vitamins that had vitamin C in them she would get a really bad cold. When we tested her for vitamin C she was very sensitive. We treated her with NAET and cleared her for vitamin C and she has reported that she can now eat fruit and take vitamin C without coming down with a cold. In fact she now says that the vitamin C seems to help prevent her from getting colds when her children bring them home from school. She has 3 children so you know how that can be.