Thursday, April 28, 2011

NEW!!! Complimentary Alternative Medicine Website!

This new site brought to you by the National Institute of Health is a great resource for alternative medicine. Research like this showing improvements in peanut allergies in children with the use of sublingual immunotherapy is easily accessible from the website.

Here is another more concerning article about research suggesting that children who receive care from complimentary and alternative care providers are less likely to be immunized and are more likely to be diagnosed with vaccine preventable illness. I am on the fence with the vaccine issue. I feel that there are a lot of sensitivities to these vaccines and thus one child reacts one way and the next another so there is no scientific link to the vaccine related complications. But if I look at things from an alternative energetic medicine perspective, I know that sensitivity to vaccines appears to cause a lot of issues. So If you ask me you should desensitize for vaccines by using NAET or BioSET if you are going to participate in the immunization program.